The Day of Your Treatment




Each day you will check in at the reception desk. The receptionist notifies the staff of your arrival. The radiation therapist will escort you to a private dressing area. You will be instructed to put on a hospital gown and remove all clothes near the treatment site. The Radiation Oncology Department provides you with a private locker and key. Since you will need to change into a gown for your treatment, it is a good idea to wear loose-fitting clothes. We ask that you remain in the dressing room until the treatment room is ready. A radiation therapist will escort you to the treatment room. Inside the treatment room the radiation therapist will assist you onto the treatment table. During your treatment, your family members may wait for you in the main waiting area. No family members are allowed at the treatment machines. Parents may accompany children to the machine, but will be asked to leave and wait in the main waiting area while the treatment is given.

During the simulation/CT procedure, the simulation therapist placed tattoos on your body pointing out the area that needs radiation treatment. In the treatment room, the treating radiation therapist will position you using those same tattoos with the lasers mounted on the walls and ceiling of the room. The lasers assist the radiation therapist in properly placing your body in the path of the radiation treatment. It is important to remain still when the treatment is being delivered so the tattoos correspond with the lasers at all times. Once you are positioned correctly, the therapist leaves the room to control the machine. The therapist monitors you via a closed-circuit television, and you can communicate with the therapist through an intercom at all times.

Please remember to breathe normally; you do not need to hold your breath. Most treatment sessions are 15 to 20 minutes in duration. You may hear noises from the machine as it delivers the treatment. Please let your therapist know if you have any questions about the machine.

At the completion of your daily treatment, the radiation therapist will assist you off the treatment table, give you an appointment card for the next treatment, and escort you back to the dressing room.

In the event you are unable to come in for a treatment please call the department. We will notify your radiation oncologist and make the necessary adjustments to your treatment schedule. On the occasion that you do not receive five treatments in a week due to a holiday, illness, or inclement weather, the missed treatment will be added to the end of your schedule.