Survivor Stories

“This was a second family; a second home away from home. You’re not a number, you’re not a file. You’re a person. They know who you are, what you’re about and they just want to help. — Teresa Lamicella, adenoid cystic carcinoma survivor

“I can’t speak enough about the John Theurer Cancer Center. They took care of me right from the beginning. I just put all the trust right in them and I came out cancer-free. I couldn’t have asked for more.” — Bill Shuff, tonsil cancer survivor

Watch Bill's video here

“Knowing the risks of this type of treatment, I was scared I’d never be able to sing again. Thanks to the excellent care provided by the staff at the John Theurer Cancer Center I am still able to sing today.”— Don Farraro, tongue cancer survivor and singer

“I am the 8th person on medical record to survive a liver transplant and a stem cell transplant. I wouldn’t know how to begin to calculate the odds of my survival, but I am a miracle.”  — Julie Mott, acute myelogenous leukemia