The Pastoral Care Department of Hackensack University Medical Center was established to support the medical center’s philosophy of total patient care.  Its purpose is to meet the spiritual needs of patients, especially as it relates to their medical conditions and individual theologies. 

Pastoral care concerns itself with the spiritual dimensions perceived and often felt more deeply by patients experiencing acute/chronic illness and injuries. In order to ensure maximum success of the medical treatment being administered, our ministry of presence (offering emotional and spiritual support) encourages the patient to freely express and attempt to dispel anxieties. Our area of service involves values, meaning, faith, understanding, and the hope needed to assist patients in coming to grips with issues raised by illness. 

The word “care” finds its roots in the Gothic word, “kara,” which means to lament, to cry out with, to experience what the other is experiencing. This meaning of care is significant because we frequently tend to look at care in an attitude of the strong toward the weak, of the powerful toward the powerless. 

But in reality, the caring process demands an attitude of receptiveness, availability, and openness. 

Therefore, the Pastoral Care staff is sensitive to all the variations of the patient’s condition, and the unique mix of emotions he or she is experiencing at the time. 

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