Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I obtain test results?

Answer:  Call the Cancer Center and ask for your Advanced Practice Nurse or RN Case Manager. Most test results are available within 48 to 72 hours. After the APN or RN Case Manager has discussed the results with your physician, one of them will contact you.

2. What if I have general questions concerning my disease, side effects and treatment?

Answer:  If you have questions, call your physicians dedicated numberwith the following information:

  • State your treating physician
  • State the question
  • State the phone number at which you can be reached

A nurse will call you back.
Please write down your question before calling in order to help you remember all the important details.

3. Who can help me with Disability Papers and other important paperwork?

Answer:  Disability papers are filled out by the RN Case Managers. This paperwork is detailed and lengthy and will take time to complete. Therefore, it is important to submit them to The Cancer Center as soon as possible. Letters for Jury Duty Dismissal will be written and ready within 48 hours. If you have questions concerning insurance paperwork or other documents, our Social Workers will be able to assist you.

4. How can I get my prescriptions refilled as quickly as possible?

Answer:  Call The Cancer Center and ask for the nurse working with your physician and provide the following information:

  • Name of Medication
  • Dose of Medication
  • Directions of the Medication
  • Name and Number of the Pharmacy

(All of the above information can be found on the medication bottle or box)

Please remember medications such as narcotic pain medication and
other regulated medications require a written prescription and
cannot be called into your pharmacy. These prescriptions must be
picked up at The Cancer Center or mailed to your home.
5. What if family members or friends want to call the Cancer Center and obtain information on my behalf?

Answer:   Every patient in The Cancer Center is required to fill out an “Authorization to Use or Disclose Protected Health Information” (HIPAA Form). You will be able to list on this form all the family members, and/or friends to whom information may be released. Our employees are only permitted to speak to the people listed on this form regarding your health information.

6. What do I do if my prescription drugs cost me more than I can afford, or the co-pays are too high for me to afford?

Answer:     There are patient assistance programs available for many of the medications prescribed for you by your physician. Our Case Managers and Social Workers can assist you with the application process. These programs may grant assistance to patients based on certain criteria such as income, lack of insurance coverage, etc. Some programs assist patients who have large co-payments, such as those commonly found in “Medicare D Plans.” You should begin by calling your Case Manager.                      
7.  I paid the co-pay for the doctor, why do I have to pay a co-pay to the hospital?

Answer:   Each provider collects payment based on the guidelines set forth by your membership with your insurance company.  There are two separate fees (physician and hospital) that are associated with receiving treatment at The Cancer Center.  

The hospital’s (HUMC) fee includes the clinical portion of services rendered such as chemotherapy or blood transfusions.  This incorporates the actual delivery of services including, staff, equipment and medical supplies.

The physician’s (RCCA) fee includes the interpretation, supervision, and management of all services performed at The Cancer Center.  The physician specialist is a private practitioner, not an employee of the hospital; therefore, their office will bill you separately. Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA) does not accept charity care as insurance.

8. How do I know that I am not being overcharged?

Answer: Response 1 to Managed Care Patient
As a member of a managed care health plan, there is a complete and updated list of insurance carriers and their contracted rates with the hospital. This list is maintained and updated by our Managed Care Department and available to us on the INTRANET.  Our fees are based upon this.

Answer:  Response 2 to Medicare Patient
Medicare requests that the patient pay a percentage based upon their calculation. This rate is modified annually and we update it as Medicare releases it.

9. Besides cash, do you accept any other method of payment to pay my bills?

 Answer:  In addition to cash, we do accept personal checks and credit cards.  If you are not financially prepared to make payment at the time of your visit, we request that you bring the amount due on your next visit, or if you prefer, you can mail the payment prior to your next appointment.  For your convenience, we will provide you with a self-addressed envelope.

10. What if I am unable to pay the full amount?

Answer: We can establish payment arrangements on amounts greater than $500.00.

11. What if I am unable to make any payments?

Answer: Our financial counselling office will refer you to Charity Care, an assistance program for hospital services only. This does not cover physician fees.  To determine eligibility, you must make an appointment with the Charity Care office.