Going Home


Preventive & Precautionary Measures

Returning home following a blood stem cell or bone marrow transplant is a very special time for you and your family. Anticipating going home can be exciting. But, after having spent many weeks hospitalized in an isolated environment, you may also be worried. This is a natural feeling shared by most patients who have had a transplant.

Some people are ready to leave the hospital as soon as possible. Many others are fearful of being away from the security of a hospital setting. Family members, too, may be concerned with the responsibility of caring for their loved ones without the constant presence of hospital staff. Please be assured that these concerns are shared by many. Feeling confident and comfortable at home is a process that takes time.

Resuming your home life means becoming accustomed to living together as a family again. The need for continued precautions in the months following transplantation may add stress to your family life. You may find that family members, especially children, show their frustrations and jealousy toward you during this time. Couples may feel awkward together following the period of separation that comes after a transplant. Those who have gone through these experiences advise that you remain as calm and confident as you can while you and your family try to regain a sense of balance and comfort.

Remember, this is a time of convalescence and recovery. You and your family may expect that you are going to feel and behave as you did before the onset of your illness and the beginning of your treatment. This will not happen immediately. Many patients have feelings of fatigue, weakness, and a decreased appetite. It will take some time to regain your strength and ability to participate in daily activities.