Lung Cancer Screening

HackensackUMC is now offering a Lung Cancer Screening Program for individuals at high risk for developing lung cancer. Our JTCC team works closely with this unique preventive care program to address risk early and reduce anxiety around lung cancer. Please call 551-996-3384 to see if you meet screening criteria and to schedule your appointment.

Life and Liberty

Every year John Theurer Cancer Center celebrates Life and Liberty at Liberty State Park with all of our patients and their loved ones. We recognize that just like the 12 million immigrants who passed through Ellis Island, another 12 million people face an equally long and hard journey – cancer. Liberty from cancer is not easy – it remains a struggle. That said, the pursuit of liberty is worthy of celebration.


Diet is an important part of treatment. In some cases, people undergoing therapy lose their appetite. John Theurer Cancer Center offers many nutritional services designed to support the nutrition needs of each patient. From counseling to awareness, the Cancer Center’s nutrition services team is dedicated to providing patients with extraordinary care.

Cancer Wellness Program

Beyond tackling your cancer, we are treating you – the whole person. The Cancer Wellness Program provides supervised exercise, education and support throughout your personal journey.


Yoga helps us provide integrated, “whole person” approaches to recovery and healing for our patients. Mind, body and exercise support a healthy you!

Patient Experience

John Theurer Cancer Center offers a dedicated Patient Experience Program managed by Sharon Lee Parker and her team. This program includes teaching classes for staff members and caregivers to help patients navigate their treatment.

Social Services

JTCC social services provide comprehensive care to patients and their families. This service during cancer treatment is a patient’s ally to enhance the emotional support needed to recognize that cancer care has plenty of challenges – from how to speak with family members, employers and friends to finding the inner strength to look into the future.

Pastoral and Spiritual Support

The Pastoral Care Department of Hackensack University Medical Center was established to support the medical center’s philosophy of appreciating the needs of the whole patient – mind, body, soul and physical wellbeing. Our Pastoral Support team is here is here to meet the spiritual needs of patients and families, especially as it relates to their medical conditions and personal spiritual path.

Survivorship - After Cancer

Survivorship is the experience of living with, through and beyond cancer for both patients and the people in their lives impacted by the diagnosis and treatment journey. Our hope and goal is to help you recognize that treatment will not be your day-to-day concern forever and a time will come when you must rebuild the life you desire.

Patient Advocacy Groups

People who are diagnosed with cancer find that managing the process is easier with the guidance of others who have experienced those challenges. Patient advocacy groups provide emotional support, educational resources, support and tips for maintaining a balanced life, opportunities to connect with other individuals with cancer and much more. We recommend that in addition to the JTCC support services, you also make a connection with one of these helpful groups.